December 27, 2012

vacation: day five

Nike Spin class with Jacob, Ellie & Ryan.

Went to meet my mom for her lunch break and we went to Cafe Yum. 

Then, I went into work... just for a little bit, guess I can't stay away. 

Then met my handsome husband at Insomnia Coffee.

Took the pup for a walk,

made dinner together

then my handsome husband made my kitchen shine!

it was a good day. 

December 26, 2012

vacation: day four

Merry Christmas!

Christmas morning with my two favorite guys!!
Aren't they cute!

A visit with the Doucet's! 

Then off to the Monaco's for more Christmas celebration!

My wonderful mother and I

Sister in law, Nikki makes the best Salmon! This is the second year for this new family tradition! Looking forward to many more!!

and Christmas just wouldn't be complete without a viewing of the best Christmas animation ever, The Snowman.

unwrapping of the many gifts

Merry Christmas everyone!!

December 25, 2012

vacation: day three

Christmas Eve!

We rolled out of bed this morning and went to spin class at Nike. 
Kicks my butt every time!

Then we did a little bit of this

Then went grocery shopping. 
No photo there, but it was a mad house. Apparently Fred Meyer is the one stop shop for all your last minute Christmas gifts and food for the Christmas meal. 

Then took the pup for a walk, 

made some Zuppa Toscana to freeze for meals later, this made me feel very productive and it was really good too!

did some wrapping and more wrapping, 

then off to our traditional Christmas Eve gathering with the Italian family

love them all...

December 24, 2012

vacation: day two

Brunch with my brother Jacob and sister Ellie at Brix. 

A very wet walk with my puppy.

 He loved it though... 

We wrapped presents and drank Candy Cane Green Tea from Trader Joe's, so good!

Then we went to the Christmas Eve Eve service at our church.
We sang Silent Night by candle light, it was so beautiful!

My friend Monica and I hanging out after church.

Then we came home and watched some John Mark reruns,

and did some reading,

it was a good day! 
Tomorrow is Christmas Eve!

December 23, 2012

vacation: day one

Morning run with Mr. Doucet and Mr. Rougie


Brunch with the Grovers at Jam. 

Vegan sausage patties on English muffins with eggs over easy, gravy and hash... way to much food. But, it was good. 

Then a little vintage shopping, always a must when you do find yourself on Hawthorne.

Then... we braved the cars, crowds and lines or people to sneak a peak at Peacock Lane. 
This was my first time to Peacock Lane in probably 20 years. I was expecting more. Have any of you been in recent years? 

 I still had fun!