September 18, 2010

fall and football

You know summer is coming to an end and fall is just around the corner when football season is here and in full swing. You can almost just smell the crisp fall air and hear the rustling of the leaves on the ground!

I love this time of year. Over the last two years, football has only added to my love for the season. Of course, it hasn't always been this way. I really didn't grow up watching football, memorizing stats, learning about the game, the teams, the leagues and the conferences (although I do remember and will confess to having a small crush on Troy Aikman when I was younger). Football was a Sunday pastime, that was it.

But, when I married Ryan, my view of football changed, it had to, because in marriage, it's about becoming one and here at the Doucet's that means uniting around football.

For Ryan, Fall=Football (or at least it's a REALLY big part of it). Ryan loves college football and as long as I've known him, if not otherwise committed, Saturday is football day. Personally, I'm a Pro football girl, so it's Sunday's that I enjoy or better yet Monday Night Football! (This season may change my mind. I'm slowly enjoying college football more and more, but I haven't made the switch just yet)

Ryan spent his early college days at the University of Oregon so he is without a doubt and full-blooded Duck. I went to Oregon State University so technically, I'm a Beaver. I was however recently caught by my roommate from collage wearing a Duck sweatshirt. Needless to say, I was embarrassed as she tried to hide the look of shock on her face. Of course, she was gracious about the awkward encounter (thanks Hillary) and said it didn't matter, but I knew better; school pride doesn't lie. Let's just say, I don't think I'll let that happen again.

So, whether it's a Duck game, a Beaver game, or some other game with a football, in the fall, our house encompasses the essence of football.

And so it is, that football now brings a strange sort of comfort to my world. I'm pretty sure that my love for the game isn't the same as most. You probably wont find me checking stats, rankings, making a fantasy football draft, setting up my picks for the week, or hoping my team will win the national title. No, my love for the game is different.

I've come to love what I like to call "touchdown trivia". This is a game frequently played in our home. I'm always the one guessing and Ryan's always the one asking, so it's really not a game. But when I win, (aka, get the question right) Ryan's really proud of me and what wife doesn't love that!

Don't let this game fool you though, "touchdown trivia" might happen to you at any moment, of any day. Yes, even when you are just about to drift off to sleep, you might hear, "Honey, what's a pick six? Who's the Quarterback for the Cowboys? What's a Tight End? Who is the defensive coordinator for the Oregon Ducks? What's an offensive pass interference?". Yes, these are good time.

I must mention briefly that I truly do love the NFL Theme Song. Football just wouldn't be complete without it. It makes me smile.

Perhaps though, my favorite part of football is just in being with my husband while he watches the games, curling up next to him on a cold rainy night after a long day, a cinnamon candle burning on the table, and a cup of hot tea warming my hands. Yes, this for me is football.


  1. Laura, I just have to say that I love your style. Reading your blog posts give me great aspirations of writing myself... Maybe one day I will follow through. Keep it up. You're such a cheerful and refreshing author! -amy

  2. Amy, thanks for reading, and for encouraging me to write more!