December 3, 2010

tree time

I truly love the Christmas season, but not because of the gifts, or the holiday parties, but mostly because of my Christmas tree, with pretty lights and decorations that bring with them memories of the last 30 (eek!) Christmas's I've had.

This Christmas marks the 4th year that Ryan and I have cut down our own tree. It's a tradition now. We go to the same Christmas tree farm, walk around in the cold with mud all over our shoes and get all giddy about finding the perfect tree. And, it does have to be just perfect. Perfect in color, perfect in smell, shape, and height.

Ryan this year inspecting the tree for perfection

The first year we got a tree we weren't yet married, but since it was my first Christmas in my own home, and because Ryan knew that I LOVED Christmas trees, he took me to cut down the tree and surprised me with Christmas lights, decorations, an angle for the top, the stand and a beautiful Christmas tree skirt! Here is a picture of Ryan putting the tree up that first year.

So, ever since then, it's been the same tradition and we love it! Last year we started a new tradition of going to the McMenamins Rock Creek Tavern which I mostly love because its a log cabin in the middle of the woods and it's warm and cozy by the fireplace (the Spanish coffee helps too!!) This year after we got our tree we meet Ryan's parents and grandparents at the tavern to share a meal with us too! Here is a picture of us from last year.

We love our Christmas tree traditions and we can't wait, Lord willing, to someday share these same traditions with our kids too! My dad found this photo of my brother and I taking our Christmas tree home when we were kids. We were so excited about such a simple thing... not much has changed, I still love it just as much!

So, in the month of December, if I'm not baking Christmas cookies, running around shopping for Christmas gifts or going to holiday parties, you will most likely find me curled up on my couch taking in the magic of my Christmas tree.