February 16, 2012

Chicken Fajitas

My favorite part of every day are the times that I get to spend with my best friend, my husband Ryan. Just thinking about these times makes me smile (like right now). I look forward to these times so much. Just the two of us, sitting in our chairs in the wee hours of the morning reading our Bibles and sipping coffee (which by the way, Ryan makes for us each and every morning - he has the biggest servants heart!). Yes, these are the times that I look forward to.

Last night was one of those times. I had just gotten home from a run. Ryan got home just before me and started getting our dinner ready. Fajitas was on the menu for the evening. Ryan actually found this recipe a couple months ago and we have pulled it out a few times since because well, it's good, and colorful, and so tasty, and truth by told... Ryan makes this meal with me!!!!

To be honest, Ryan helps me with a lot of our meals. I am so blessed. I relished the moment last night as Ryan stood peering into the spice cabinet, searching for that perfect spice to add to our meal, with one hand resting gently on my back as I stirred the onions that were caramelizing on the stove. I love that shoulder-to-shoulder companionship shared between a husband and a wife as they go through life together, sharing all things, supporting each other, and having one mission as a couple. This type of living cultivates a healthy marriage and I'm so thankful to be walking through this with Ryan!

So, back to the Fajitas, which by the way you should definitely try. Like I said, Ryan found this recipe but has adapted it so much that I'm not really even sure it's anything like the original. I keep asking him to tell me what he puts in the chicken mixture, but I think it's kind of a secret. We have a lot of fun making this meal together and we hope that you enjoy it too!

Chicken Fajitas
(adapted from food network: Nigella Lawson)

Chicken Marinade
2 boneless skinless chicken breast cooked and cut into thin slices
1 teaspoon dried Mexican oregano, or regular oregano
1 teaspoon ground cumin
1/2 teaspoon chili powder
1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper
2-3 tablespoons of salsa
1 teaspoon kosher salt or 1/2 teaspoon table salt
1/2 teaspoon sugar
1 tablespoon minced garlic
2 tablespoons lime juice

Vegateble Mixture
2 tablespoons peanut oil or regular olive oil (we just used regular olive oil)
1 onion, peeled, halved and cut into thin slices
1 red bell pepper, cored and seeded, cut into strips
1 orange bell pepper, cored and seeded, cut into strips
1 yellow bell pepper, cored and seeded, cut into strips
1 green bell pepper, cored and seeded, cut into strips
kosher salt
soft flour tortillas

Optional Accompaniments:
Shredded Cheese
Avacado or guacamole
Sour cream

Combine all the merinade ingredites into a bowl along with the cooked chicken strips and give it a good shake. (Or, you can cook your chicken with all these ingredicants, either way is fine)Let the chicken sit on the counter soaking up all those good flavors while you start the onions and bells peppers.
In a large skillet, heat olive oil on medium high. Once the oil is warm, throw in your onion slices and let them start to carmalize. Season with kosher salt. Once the onions are part way done, toss in all the bell peppers and let them cook. Sometimes I add a little water to the mixture, just a tablespoon or two while it simmers.
Once the onions and the bell peppers have cooked, add the chicken mixture and let everything heat through for another few mintures.
Serve with warm tortillas and desired accompaniments.

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