June 8, 2012

i fight to run

It's Friday. Tomorrow morning I will wake up at the ungodly hour of 5:30am, don my running gear, stuff some fruit snacks in my back pocket and head the Hillsboro Stadium to join thousands of other crazy people on a scenic 13.1 mile run through the rolling hills of Helvetia.

This will by my first half marathon. I don't consider myself a runner but somehow I have survived the last 11 weeks of training for tomorrow's race. A few weeks ago while visiting my local Trader Joe's one of the employees who I often chat with stopped me and said "I saw you running the other day. You must be a runner" Before I knew what I was saying I responded, "Yes, I am a runner". What was I thinking! I'm not a runner! Can I take it back? Did I just tell a lie? Did anyone else hear me say that?

Most of the time I'm in denial about being a runner. I think this is the case because I compare myself to all the other "real" runners out there. My husband, who will also run his first half tomorrow has discovered a somewhat natural talent for the sport and is likely to run the race with a 7:00 minute pace. I on the other hand may cross the finish line walking, perhaps even crawling.

I fight to run.

Why do I run? Lot's of reasons. It sets me free. It releases stress from by body. I run because I have a body. I like the way running makes my body feel. Why may I never run again after I cross the finish line tomorrow? Lot's of reasons.... I'm not gonna lie. Even though I love to run, it has also been really hard on my body, mostly my knees. The one thing that I would do different text time around is more strength training and core training.

But for real, I do like to run and I am just a little excited for the race tomorrow and even got a little giddy when I picked up my running packet yesterday with these sweet Nike running shirts for tomorrows race!

Last night I ran the last run of my training schedule and it felt good, even though my poor knees where actually in a lot of pain when I was done. Training is half the race really. Even though I haven't done the actual race yet, I'm proud of myself that I've come this far.

after my run last night
Pray I'm not nervous and that I can sleep really well tonight, that I have endurance during the race and that my legs will be strong for the long run and hills tomorrow.

"let us run with endurance the race that is set before us" heb 12.1b

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