January 3, 2013

vacation: day twelve

The night before ended just like this... 

reading in this sweet bunk bed with my pup.

So cozy.

Then after our morning coffee and oatmeal we did Nike Training Club (NTC). 
Did you know there's an App for NTC? 
So good. 
Get it.

no i'm not tripping, this is a one leg squat with a push away
then a cool down run in the snow, so fun!

Lunch at Deschutes Brewery

we split a chicken sandwich and soup

and it's apparently a tradition for us to buy socks at Fred Meyer in the winter when we go to Bend. 

Now if you can believe it, I purchased my first pair of wool sock. My feet were so cold all day even in my boots but with these socks they weren't cold at all! 
I seriously love them!

back to our bungalow to sit and relax because I really wasn't feeling better

made a tilapia, kale and potato dish for dinner

and then these amazing cookies afterwards... so so so good. 

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