January 1, 2013

vacation: days 6-10

I feel like I have been on vacation forever. 

Happy New Year by the way!

I've been sick the last four days, so haven't posted anything, well haven't really done anything either. But, here is what I have been up to. And, I'm finally feeling better and now that I've stopped cuddling with the Kleenex box at night, there's bound to be better things to come the next few days!

iphone action shot - don't judge. 

This is my friend Kendyl and I at morning spin class at Nike.  So fun! Then we went  for coffee at Insomnia after!

Then it was house cleaning and errands. My husband cleaned the entire house from top to bottom, he is really the best!

Did some errands and stopped by Ryan's work

Visited our old stopping grounds for dinner at John Barlycorn's McMenamins

Did some window shopping. 
Is this seriously attractive? Not on me for sure!

That's when I started to get sick, so I read in bed, 

and read on the couch - with my pup of course,

and my husband put some shelves together for our shoes. what a difference they made in our closet!

Went to the library to check out some books, 

Had the best ever pasta dish at Jakes Grill of all places

Played Master Mind

Celebrated Christmas with Ryan's family which of course included a Wii dance party

and then.... the best part, my husband's breakfast burrito creation... the best ever!

More to come soon!

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