July 1, 2010

forest park & pizza

Summer has arrived and along with it has come a need for exploration! Even though I have lived in Portland my entire life, I can't honestly tell you much about the city and all it has to offer. One of my goals for this year is to do some exploring in this great city I call home.

So, last night after I got off work Ryan, Rougie and I ventured out to Forest Park for a little hike. I had been there once before but wanted to check it out again, so off we went. We left our humble abode in Tigard at 5:30 and almost hour later arrived at our destination. I guess rush hour traffic isn't quite the ideal time to trek 20 miles via car over almost every major Freeway in the city of Portland.

But alas, we made it to the park and had a super time! The park is over 5000 acres! It is very wooded which allows for cool temperatures during the heat of the summer.

Notice the love between the Oregon & Oregon State hoodies... who says the two can't be best friends!

We chose a route which indicated we would be hiking 3.3 miles, but it really only turned out to be 2.7 miles. I know this because I used my cool new app on my Smartphone called RunKeeper. You should really check it out, I use it for all my runs to track my location, distance, time, pace, elevation and calories burned. It's really fun!

We let Rougie run without a leash which of course he loved. I'm not sure if that's really allowed but we weren't the only ones doing it, so it makes it right, right?

After our Forest Park expedition, we made our way back home and proceeded to feast on my all time favorite, easy, go-to dinner, PIZZA! Who doesn't like pizza right? My herbs I planted are doing o.k. I can't say they will even be close to the most stellar herbs I will grow in my lifetime, but they served their purpose last night. I picked some Oregano and my favorite, Basil, to garnish on top our regular cheese and sausage pizza!


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