August 23, 2011

golf carts and very tasty birthday breakfast

Last Saturday was Ryan's birthday which means, we get to be the same age for 10 days and then I become older then him, again...

Oh well, you gotta grow up sometime.

We had a wonderful day together, and although it was almost 100 degrees, we still managed to find our way to the golf course in the late afternoon. This is a photo of my super hot golfer husband hitting balls at "the stables" before we started out for our round.

We (I keep saying we, but really it was only Ryan) played at Langdon Farms in Aurora, and everything had a "farm" theme, hence the stables for the driving range. It was a very pretty course. I drove our golf cart and decided that when I retire, I want to be the girl that drives the carts and sells food and drinks to all the players! Golf carts are so much fun to drive!

After hours of heat and sweat, we were starving and decided to stop into the Bar and Grill for Happy Hour where we ordered pulled pork sliders and quenched our thirst with a cold beer from these cute drinking jars! It's just so much better when it's in a cute jar!

But, before all the sweat, golf carts and drinking jars we started our day with breakfast at Tasty 'n Sons? Have you been there before? Oh my goodness, it is actually amazing. I kinda wish that I lived across the street from it so I could just go there everyday.

Tasty 'n Sons is in North Portland and is the perfect Portland breakfast location. They have a great selection of items to choose from. We ordered three plates to share. Please don't think your typical breakfast joint where your cheese omelet is dripping off the side of your plate. No. This place has it down. The dishes we ordered were small enough so that we could order a few things to share and still not be super full at the end.

I'm sorry I don't have pictures of the food but it was so good all thoughts of photography left my mind the moment the meal was set before me. But, I did snatch a photo of our mimosa in this super cute little glass!

My favorite dish of the three that we tried was one of their specials for the day, biscuits and gravy. Let's just say, I REALLY wanted to lick the plate. You just have to go and check it out. I promise that you won't be disappointed.

What breakfast spots in Portland do you recommend? Please share by leaving a comment!

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