August 10, 2011


In my blog post the other day I mentioned that because of Ryan’s job at Nike we are really beginning to re-think and change the way we take care of our bodies. We always try to live healthy lives, but as the years go by we realize that our bodies aren’t getting any younger. Our metabolism is slowing down, our joints are stiff, our bodies are just changing.

The research that Ryan and the team he works with is doing is revealing that the recommended dosage for moderate to vigorous physical activity per week is 150 minutes. That’s really only a little over 21 minutes a day. Ryan and the others on his team are practicing what they preach and have thermometers for everyone to keep track of their physical activity each week. I was jealous and wanted to get on board, so I made my own weekly thermometer to track my own physical activity too!

It’s been fun to keep track of my physical activity each week. Ryan and I got bikes earlier this year so Ryan has been biking to work 3 or 4 days a week which is 20 miles round trip! I on the other hand only have one, very uphill mile to climb before I get to work. We really love riding our bikes! It's fun and a good workout too!

Being disciplined to live healthy isn't easy. It's not always easy to eat the right things, eat the right amounts, or get the needed exercise. It's hard for me. In my next post I'm going to talk about my fight to live healthy why taking care of my body is really such a big deal to me.

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