November 28, 2011


I enter into this time of year with mixed emotions. On one hand I love the decorations and the music and all the pretty things that the Christmas season brings. But, on the other hand I loath the busyness and the rushing. I step into this time of year with hesitancy because I know myself. I know that I'm easily stressed, quickly frustrated and too often just a little Scroogey.

There's really nothing that I can do to slow any of it down. The countless Christmas parties and running errands and Christmas shopping and gift wrapping, it will all happen regardless of my attitude.

This morning I was reading in Ephesians. I was on auto pilot as my mind wandered to lists of things to be done and making other mental list of projects yet to come. I kept catching myself wandering away from the words in front of me and would scold myself for my lack of focus. "I just need a word from you Lord", I pleaded, "please!"

I turned the page in my Bible, already reciting the well known passage in my head as I did so. "...and that you be renewed in the spirit of your mind." Ephesians 4:23. The word "renewed" quickly caught my attention and my soul seemed to sink into the hope of it's meaning for me. I so desperately need renewal, and not just for a season, but always, everyday.

I dwelt of this verse today and it's conviction in my life. As my husband reminded me, it is the Holy Spirit in my life that does the renewal in me. I can't just "be less stressed" I have to have the fruit of the Spirit do it's work in me.

I don't want to be scroogey and stressed out! I want to be more like Jesus! The only way I'm going to have more of the character of Jesus in my life is if I spend time with Him. Why do I forget these simple things and allow my life to be dominated by self and all it's ugliness?

Here is to stop trying to do it on my own and seek the Lord to fill me up with His Spirit each day!

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