June 18, 2012

it was a good one...

My how the weekends fly by!! Friday after work it was hot and humid. After work I wasted no time in getting home and out to my front patio where I did a little bit of this...

Then, Ryan and I went and had pizza... YUM! (don't worry I ran all the calories off the next morning)

Sunday was Father's Day. Ryan played golf with his dad on Saturday and the had a great time!

Sunday we went to visit with my dad.

And then we headed down to Albany to spend the rest of the day with my cousin, Angie and her family. Just as Ryan and I were getting in the car he grabs his golf clubs and says "just in case". In case what???Turns out he really did need them. A few minutes later I get a text from my cousin that says "Ryan wants to golf". (her husbands name is Ryan too)

The Ryan's - giddy that they get to go golfing..

 So, the Ryan's went golfing and Angie and I spent the next few hours playing with her two kiddos and making dinner for the boys which included homemade salsa!


Reagan loves his little sister, Toni

giving kisses
saying goodbye

As always, it was a great day in Albany with the Atkins!

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