June 16, 2012

muggy morning run (and some extra pics)

Just do it, right? 

If fact yes, just do it. There is a 'Just Do It' shirt I saw at the Nike employee store I'm contemplating getting. I think I will. I should probably go today before they are all gone. 

I'd say it's summer out, wouldn't you? I woke up this morning knowing I should go for a run, talking myself out of it one minute, then telling myself to just do it the next. Back and forth, back and forth, until I was out the door and down the street with my pup my side. Gosh it was a muggy morning. 

These are the types of decisions not often regretted. 

Oh and because I'm still on cloud nine about the half last weekend, I thought I would post some more pics of the day! 

Ryan & I waiting in the car before the race because we were  cold. We were getting excited!

Me before the race.

Not too long after the start of the race.

Running with hundreds of other people. 

Okay, this one is for my mom. I was trying to get a picture of the cow while trying to avoid looking like I was actually taking pictures while I was running a half marathon.... it didn't turn out too well. 

I felt bad for all the cars that had to wait forever.

With some friends after the race.

It was a great day!
Now I'm off to find that 'Just Do It' shirt!

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