August 11, 2012

photos from central oregon

Today we leave to go home from our vacation. It's morning and I'm sitting outside.  I love mornings on vacation, breathing in the sweet smell of the juniper trees and the early morning dew ridden grass. Sipping my coffee, closing my eyes and tilting my head heavenward, allowing the sun to warm my pasty white morning face. Listening to the birds chirp and the steady "crack, crack, crack" of an early morning tennis match echo from across the way.  I can hear my sweet husband cleaning up the dishes inside and the neighbor kids making play on the grass next door. 

It's been a good week. Ryan and I spent the last week in Central Oregon. My mom and brother Jacob joined us for the first two nights. It's been too long since we've done this. We had a great time! Here are some photos from our trip!

First stop, Sisters and Three Creeks Brewing for dinner

Driving into Eagle Crest on the first night

Our vacation bracelets

Morning reading time

My mom enjoying the morning sun with Rougie

Lunch time

Our view from the back yard

Steak tacos for dinner

Sitting outside Pronghorn Golf Course


Warming up

We were joined by a thunder and lighting storm for the last few holes

See the crack of lighting!

Smoked salmon salad for dinner after golf at Pronghorn

Morning hike up the butte

We made it to the top

View from the top of the butte

On a walk close to our house in Eagle Crest

Fun day hanging out in Bend

Ryan's Black Butte XXIV at Deschutes Brewery

Such a fun dinner with my cousin Gina and her husband Frank at 10 Barrel!

Paddle boarding on the Deschutes! (thanks Michael & Monica for letting us borrow your boards!)

Pretty sunset!

Now this is what I call a vacation!

Deer on the golf course

Hiking the Deschutes River Trail, probably my favorite part of our trip!

Walking around Drake Park

Yummy chocolate frozen yogurt with strawberries that Ryan got me!

Last night out at O'Kanes

One tired pup

The perfect end to a perfect vacation

All packed up and ready to go home

I will never tire of it's beauty

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  1. I love all the pictures! Looks like you guys had a great time :)