August 11, 2012

why not?

I'm still in vacation mode even though we arrived home from Central Oregon last night. The demands of everyday life like grocery shopping and cleaning toilets just haven't made themselves a reality in my mind yet, and guess what, I'm okay with that. 

This morning Ryan got up early and played golf with a few other guys from church. I slept in. Why not?

Around 3:00 in the afternoon I decided I wanted to go to this vintage shop that I had been wanting to go to for a really long time. So we did. Why not?

We were in the store for over and hour. We didn't end up getting anything but it was so much fun to look around at everything. Ryan and I kept saying things to each other like "oh we had this growing up" or "I can't believe I let my mom get rid of that!".  

We liked these but they were soooo spendy!!!

I really liked this little guy!

After our vintage outing we went to Por Que No for dinner. I highly recommend the carnitas, very good!

And then, since I was still feeling like I was on vacation I suggested we go to Salt & Straw since apparently it's all the rage in Portland and we had never been. So we did. Why not?

I was really into the the decor. The ice cream was good too, but I'm not too sure it was worth the 30 minute wait in line, although I'm sure the rest of Portland completely disagrees. I just like my dairy free Purely Decadent Chocolate Obsession from Fred Meyer, what can I say?

And then I got a little distracted in a boutique up the street from Salt & Straw, made Ryan hold my ice cream while I tried something on and it started to melt. Oops! 

We arrived home just before 9:00 and I decided that it was just the perfect night for a quick little run (probably because I was feeling so guilty about por que no and ice cream!), so off we went on a 4.5 mile run with our pup. It was perfect, even though I about died because I'm so out of shape from the last week of vacation! I need to get back into this thing!

I know, horrible iPhone photo... it was dark...
And that raps it up for today! It's past 11:30 right now and Ryan is already asleep next to me. But, as I suspected the chocolate ice cream with gooey brownies may never let me rest tonight. I'm wide awake! 

Until next time!


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