October 12, 2012

“i’m here” said the rain

I had to smile to myself this morning as I drove into work and my windshield wipers attempted to wipe away the first signs of the fall rain. There were signs of trouble as sticky spots of sap left over from the summer inhibited their progress.  
We knew it was coming. Personally I was hoping the crisp morning air would call its bluff and burn off the somewhat assuming dark clouds that lingered in the horizon. Maybe, we would have one more crisp fall day with crunchy leaves instead of soggy ones. I like crunchy leaves.
My smile however was solely induced by the conversation my husband and I had the night prior as he replayed to me a conversation he had that day with one of his co-workers. They had chatted about the anticipated rain and exclaimed in shock to one another that there were actually some people that were looking forward to the rain. This is what made me smile.
As I drove, I could picture all of you rain lovers gleefully looking out your window at the first smell of rain, because I’m sure you smelled it before you saw it. And right after that I’m sure you grabbed your leg warmers, donned your boots, threw your scarf around your neck, pulled the quilt from the chest at the end of your bed, put chicken noodle soup on the menu for this weekend and ran out to get a pumpkin spice latte!  
While I am not one of you, I love you. I love you because you are who you are. I love the fall and leg warmers and quilts just like you, but I just am not in love with the wet. Wet pants, wet feet, wet hair, and wet muddy puppy paws. But, I do live in the wonderful northwest, so my promise to you as this wet seasons begins, is that I will embrace it for all it’s worth! To start, I think I need to find myself a cute pair of shoes! So I’m off to do just that! Until next time!
Happy Friday!

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