February 3, 2010

the room where we do our living

Our 740 square foot abode is a work in progress. Slowing new decorations are added or old ones moved around in hopes that they just look like new decorations.

This is our living room and it has recently had a new addition to it. It wasn't much, but really seemed to transform the space. I had these simple little curtains I bought at IKEA shoved in my closet for at least a year. I finally got around to getting a rod to put them on and the other day my handy husband did the install. I don't have a "before" photo and this one doesn't really do it justice, but we really like them!

That's pretty much it for our living room. I'll just showcase one other item that isn't new, but is a favorite.

Ryan and I found this painting in a vintage store in Seattle. I was not a fan, but Ryan really liked it. I kinda put my foot down and we walked out of the store empty handed.

I knew that Ryan really wanted it though, so upon our return to Portland, I called the shop, bargained over the phone for a better price, had a friend pick it up and drop it off in Portland when he was in town and gave it to Ryan that Christmas. Needless to say, this item not so loved by myself at first is slowing becoming one of my favorite items in the house and might just shape the future decorating genre of our home, but we'll see...

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